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Featuring Designs and Illustrations by
Axel Bernal 
  1. Bolt Brigade
    Bolt Brigade
    Digital Painting
  2. Ariel's House
    Ariel's House
    Digital Painting
  3. Fishing for Carrot Trout
    Fishing for Carrot Trout
    Digital Painting
  4. Time Trawler
    Time Trawler
    Digital Painting
  5. Rachel's Golem
    Rachel's Golem
    Digital Painting
  6. Rusty Sunset Blues Band
    Rusty Sunset Blues Band
    Digital Painting
  7. Red Reading Book Club
    Red Reading Book Club
    Digital Painting
  8. Tower of Paint
    Tower of Paint
    Digital Painting
  9. Morlock Raider
    Morlock Raider
    Digital Painting
  10. Snow Tiger
    Snow Tiger
    Digital Painting
 My name is Axel Bernal.
I like to think of my illustrations as still frames from half-remembered fairy tales. 
  Sometimes they come from a common world and seem to develop as a series, which gives me multiple windows into that tale. In other instances, the whole story is embodied in one image, in one emotion.
  My work process starts in my sketchbook. It's a  mix of notes and doodles, of ideas and drawings, and I use it as a kind of graphic diary.  It works as a record of a stream of thoughts and enables me to go back and revisit a particular moment in the development of a particular concept.
 Some of the sketches grow into drawings, and after scanning them I use them as the base for digital paintings.

 I jump back and forth between Photoshop and Painter when painting digitally, (Photoshop for the selection tools and layer management, and Painter for being a digital version of  traditional paint brushes)
I believe that there is very little difference between working in traditional media and painting in the computer.  Both are boxes of colors, and both require respect, technique and a learning process that never really ends.

I also make Jewelry and Sculpture, you can find my works at

 I find that my training as a designer influences my images. Some of the elements that I like to use in my metalwork seem to pop up as details in my paintings, like riveted plates and multiple articulations. 

I still work in traditional media, as I do not want to lose the physical joy of pushing color around a surface.