Axel Bernal
Born in Mexico City,  Axel Bernal Bladh is an artist and designer working in Illustration, Jewelry, Glass, and  Sculpture.  His mixed cultural background exposed him to a series of almost surreal experiences that continue to fuel his imagination ( for example, his first art school had an alligator pit). He combines different materials to create narrative, dreamlike pieces.
His B.A. In Industrial Design was received from UNAM, Mexico's national university, where he graduated with honors.
His work has been seen in exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Colombia and the Netherlands, and published in Mexico and the United Kingdom.
He lives in Calgary, Canada.
About  munmaus :​​
munmaus is the shared dream of a group of designers. We believe that fun, wonder, and imagination are vital to the design process and that Design has the potential (and duty) to change the world for the better.
Our mascot is a mouse that dreams that the moon is made of cheese, and wonders about travelling there.